All of our pups will be socialized and introduced to cats, leashes, cars and a variety of humans before adoption. Pet pups will go on spay/neuter contracts and should family circumstances change after adoption, a Scirocco puppy is welcome to be returned to us at any time.

Our breeding plans for 2012: We bred our Scirocco Aigrette Hangtown Red "Ginjo" to our lovely Scirocco's Warrior Fires "Karly" on December 25th. Pregnancy was confirmed January 22, 2013 with puppies due February 26, 2013. Both sire and dam are MDR1 Clear and CEA Clear. See below for images and puppy pictures as they come along. Five puppies were born February 28, 2013, three girls and one boy. We have called this Scirocco's X-Files litter and have named each puppy from an episode of the series. Below the images for Puppy image gallery links:

If you're interested in having a very special silken puppy, we have two girls needing show or pet homes "Je Souhaite" and "Fallen Angel". Images in the puppy galleries. Please contact us for more information at

Scirocco Hounds 2013


Scirocco Aigrette Hangtown Red - Ginjo
Top ICKC Junior Champion 2012, Multiple Best Puppy, BIG, BIB



Scirocco Warrior Fires - Karly
UKC Best in Breed, Best in Group July 2011, NW Silken Celebration Bred By Exhibitor June 2011
Number 3 NOFCA Silken Windhound 2010/11, OTRC Pnt'd

X-Files Litter at 3 Days

X-Files Litter at 11 Days

X-Files Litter at 17 Days

X-Files Litter at 24 Days

X-Files Litter at 4 Weeks Plus

X-Files Litter at 5 Weeks

X-Files Litter Candids 5 Weeks

X-Files Litter at 8 Weeks

Scirocco Hounds Sept 13, 2011


ISWS, NAKC/Rarities Intl Champion
Tangaloor Unusual Suspect (Space) GCG


ISWS, NAKC/Rarities, IABCA Int Champion
Talisman of Tarazed (Tara) SRC

Space x Tara Puppies Week 4

Space x Tara Puppies Week 5

Space x Tara Puppies Week 6

Space x Tara Puppies Week 10

Scirocco Hounds Late Fall 2011


UKC WD, MRWD, BIB, ICKC Int. Ch, Boofest 2010 ISWS, RWD, BPIS
Scirocco's Liar's Dice (Murphy) SRC


UCICB Int Champion
Aigrettes Wild Thyme (Summer) SRC

Murphy x Summer Puppies 2nd Day

Murphy x Summer Puppies Week 2

Murphy x Summer Puppies Week 7

Breedings from 2009

The first breeding was with Siendo Silken Windhounds "Lagniappe Shadow On The Teche (River)" to our own "Talisman of Tarazed Scirocco (Tara)".
Three puppies born October 20th, 2009. One girl and two boys.

The second breeding has been done with our own "Gryffyn's Strange Brew (Brewer)" to "Cool Run Enchanted Mia (Mia)".
Four puppies were born on November 4th, 2009. One girl and 3 boys.

Scirocco Hounds October 2009

Scirocco's Pearls of Wisdom Litter

River X Tara
East meets the West

ISWS Champion and NAKC International Champion
Siendo's Lagniappe Shadow On The Teche SRCX (River)
Double ISWS Champion both Show and Racing
Number 1 Racing Silken in 2007

ISWS Champion, NAKC and IABCA UCICB International Champion
Talisman of Tarazed Scirocco (Tara)
Coursing Qualified, Straight Racing Champion
5th Silken Windhound to have both ISWS Show and Racing Titles

See Pedigree

Scirocco's Warrior Fires "Karly" Stays at Scirocco
Scirocco's Still Water "Beckett" has home in Sacramento
Scirocco Horizon Captain Jack "Savvy" gone to South Carolina

Puppy Questionnaire

Puppy Pictures Day 1

Puppy Pictures Week 1

Puppy Pictures Week 2

Puppy Pictures Week 3.5

Puppy Pictures Week 5

Puppy Pictures Week 7.5

Puppy Pictures Week 8.5

Pearls of Wisdom Evaluation

Scirocco Hounds November 2009

Scirocco's Spirits of Enchantment Litter

Multiple Best Of Breed, Winners & Winners Dog, ISWS, Rarities and IABCA Intl Champion
Gryffyn's Strange Brew (Brewer)
Straight Race Champion SRC
6th Silken Windhound to have both ISWS Show and Racing Titles

ISWS Champion, NAKC and IABCA UCICB International Champion
Cool Run Enchanted Mia

See Pedigree


Scirocco's Liar's Dice "Murphy" aka "Ifrit" Staying at Scirocco
Scirocco's Firedrake at Svesda "Drake" gone to show howm in Royal Oaks, CA
Scirocco's Pacific Merlion "Yuu-ga" gone to home in San Francisco
Scirocco's Golden Xana "Xana" is now Co-Owned locally

Puppy Questionnaire

Puppy Pictures Day 4

Puppy Pictures Week 1

Puppy Pictures Week 2

Puppy Pictures Week 3

Puppy Pictures Week 5.5

Puppy Pictures Week 6.5

Puppy Pictures Week 9.5

Spirits of Enchantment Puppy Evaluation at 6.5 weeks

Scirocco Hounds Jan 2007
Brewer X Tara

Brewer and Tara produced our first litter "The Sands of Time" on January 28, 2007. See puppy pictures below. Weekly picture updates were placed in our Gallery.
Sands of Time Litter at The Races
Blue Djinn
Blue Djinn
Scirocco's Blue Djinn - Boy - Irish marked chinchilla
Show/Breeder Quality (MDR1 Clear) - Scirocco's Keeper

Scirocco Khamsin- Boy - Irish marked gold brindle
Companion Quality (MDR1 Carrier) - Now at forever home in MI

Scirocco Kalahari- Girl - Irish marked chinchilla
Now at forever home in Elk Grove, CA

Puppy 4
Scirocco Dakar- Boy - Extreme white black
Show/Breeder Quality (MDR1 Clear)
Gone to forever home in Colorado Springs, Co

Scirocco's Sultan - Boy - Extreme white Chinchilla brindle
Gone to Forever Home in Los Angeles

For weekly picture updates, please go to our Gallery.

Rick and Ann Steele
El Dorado Hills, CA