Talisman of Tarazed Scirocco (Tara)

ISWS Champion, NAKC and IABCA UCICB International Champion
Talisman of Tarazed Scirocco
Coursing Qualified, Straight Racing Champion
5th Silken Windhound to have both ISWS Show and Racing Titles

Tarazed was named for one of the stars in the Pleiades and she's certainly the star of Scirocco. She was our first silken and is the undisputed reigning monarch in the pack. If she wants it, it's hers! After two litters, Tara has matured and grown the plush soft silky coat so characteristic of her breed, but she's by no means become less intense or lure focused. She's the steeplechase champion of the house and no counter remains unsurfed when she's around.



In 2008 Tara won her ISWS show championship in Placerville, CA. In addition to Winner's Bitch in the specialty show, she also took a BOB and Reserve Best in Show that weekend. We can only imagine she'd been holding back, wanting the big win to be on her home turf. In 2011 she won the Brood Bitch class at Silkenfest with four of her offspring represented in the ring - Djinn, Dakar, Karly and Beckett, two from each litter. They made a beautiful family portrait!


Tara still likes nothing better than running especially if she can induce the others to play chase. Sometimes it takes a fair bit of forcefulness but she usually manages to annoy them so much they'll eventually give chase. She's always "it" but loves the pursuit. Since Tara's so small and light, she can turn on a dime and she could easily be an agility champ if we could just teach her to come. "Come" is just not in her vocabulary unless serioius treats are involved. Tara loves all running sports and started her career in open field coursing at 6 years of age. Clearly the younger dogs have an advantage, but that didn't stop her from being the 4th ranked silken for 2010/2011. We hope she'll have the speed left after her third litter to get a title in this sport as well.

Wiley Chasing Tara

One of her favorite activities is standing on the outdoor table surveying her realm. Her pack just watches, you can almost see them shrug as if to say, "What now?" She hates getting wet or being untidy but on the other hand, loves a rousing tug of war, complete with thievery and ferocious growling. Indoors she's learned to co-exist with the cats but every once in a while, one of them just NEEDS to be chased, presumably for his own good, and she's happy to oblige. We never know quite how to describe out darling Tara as she's the essence of contradiction. She's by turns loving or aloof, prey obsessed or cuddly, leader of the pack or off on her own, ravenous or totally disinterested in food. Mostly she's a blur of motion but when it's time to retire for the night, she's the only one who settles down and sleeps on the bed with us. When I come home in the evening, Tara is the first to greet me and always insists on special hugs and kisses.

Tara Racing for her Championship

Tara's love of racing won her an ISWs straight racing championship (SRC) in November 2006 after attending only 7 meets. Her father, Gideon, was the very first champion and she's the first of his offspring to follow in his footsteps! Gideon is also a Rarities winner and IABCA champion, proof that performance winning dogs can also be confirmation champions.

Tara is genetically black and white Irish marked but now greyed over most of her coat. Many people think she and Djinn are the same color, but no, he's chinchilla Irish marked, and has always been grey.

Health Stats
DOB 01/29/2005
ISWS Reg2005-141/07
DNA Parentage VerifiedYes
Ivermectin StatusClear
CERF Results SWH-215/2007-33 Normal
OFA Cardio SWH-CA91/32F/C-PI Normal
OFA Thyroid SWH-TH77/32F-PI Normal
CEA Results Carrier
Height22 inches