Cool Run Enchanted Mia (Mia)

Multible Best in Shows, ISWS Champion, NAKC and IABCA UCICB International Champion
Cool Run Enchanted Mia

Meet Mia! Mia is a beautifully structured white and black brindle silken bred by Gloria Hyland-Fisher at Cool Run in New Jersey. She came to us from Lee and Don Kemp of Shelikof Silkens in Wyoming where she was loved for years, but family circumstances required that she find a new home. We're fortunate that we have become that home. She's never met a person she didn't like and came and lay her head in my lap on our first encounter. Mia has fit right in, become our constant companion and contented cuddler.



In her first week here Mia's been out to a mass silken gathering at the Duck Pond and had her first experience with straight racing. For a novice at an older age, she was superb and wasted no time chasing the lure the entire 200 yards. She's a natural!


Mia whelped her first litter at Shelikof Silkens in Wyoming the same week Tara whelped the Sands of Time litter here. Mia's pups have grown up to be stunning 2 year olds with their mother's beauty. We're hoping one day she'll grace us with a similarly lovely litter.

Health Stats
DOB 02/13/2002
ISWS Reg 2002-87/01
DNA Parentage Verified Tested
Ivermectin StatusClear
CERF SWH-144 Normal
OFA Cardio Equivocal
Thyroid SWH-TH49/63F-NOPI Normal
Height 21"