Galgo Puppies Arrived 10/20/14

Our Galgo Español Serena's first litter was born Monday 10/20/2014. Sired by Randeros Dominic of Scirocco "Diego". Three females and six males. Do see our Liters Page!

Updated: October 25, 2014

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About Us

The Steeles rather accidentally arrived at sighthounds when they fell in love with the photo of a silken windhound. After magically obtaining a bitch sired by the dog in the photo and breeding several litters, they realized that all sighthound breeds shared the same basic temperments and added whippets to the kennel. Galgo Españols are a recent interest and are a fascinating story in their own. The kennel originated in California but has relocated to Nevada, becoming the first breeding/showing silken windhound or Galgo kennel in the state.

Silken Windhounds

Scirocco Hounds was orginally devoted to Silken Windhounds, We started with our first breeding in 2006. Silken Windhounds are charming and loving, a wonderful mix of all that's best in the sighthound psyche; playful, intelligent, companionable, inquisitive, amusing, AND beautiful. Temperamentally Silken Windhounds are friendly and love to be with their favorite people. They seldom display the aloof attitudes common in other sighthounds and adore socializing with humans and other dogs, particularly their own breed. Athletes all, Silken Windhounds love to run, leap and play but can also be happy to just hanging out with their humans.

They've been adapted to all sorts of activities including racing, lure coursing, open field coursing, agility, therapy, and obedience and of course the show ring. Ours seem happiest on the coursing field but they're quite capable of turning even the smallest back yard into a race track or agility course. Silken Windhounds develop their coats slowly as they grow into adulthood. Young Windhounds are often mistaken for whippets, adults more closely resemble borzoi but in fact they are neither in size or attitude. They combine the lovely tresses of the borzoi with the more portable whippet size. Their coats can be either long and flowing or thick and curly; both types are acceptable and attractive but often aren't fully developed until the Silken Windhound reaches two or three years of age. Our goal at Scirocco is to breed for quality with the best interests of breed development in mind. We strive to breed Silken Windhounds that excel in racing, show and field coursing while still maintaining their easy-going family friendly temperament.

Galgo Español (Spanish Greyhound)

The Galgo Español - a dog that looks fragile, but possesses enormous strength and speed. It presents itself in two different shapes - elegant with smooth hair or rustic with rough hair. Both types are characterised by robustness, agility and energy, paired with a pleasant nature. Actually, it is difficult to understand why this breed is so rare among the sighthounds in the USA. In Spain, its homeland, the Galgo Español is esteemed as a hunting and companion dog since the antique.

For more information on this very elegant sighthound please go to the Little Lobito Website of Claudia Gaede who wrote an indepth book of the Galgo.

Our beginnings with the Galgo began with the aquistion of our girl Serena at about 16 months of age from TSH Kennels in New Mexico. Galgos excel in Open Field Coursing and Serena's breeder has bred many Saluki champions and is now active with the Galgo in coursing with Serena's siblings. We imported our first male Gago Diego directly from Randeros Kennel in Spain with a pedigree that is mostly all hunters. We got him into the country at 11 weeks of age. He turned one year old Feb 13, 2014.





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